The Team

The Team

Christine Bojorquez

“International flair from south of the border”
Christine loves creating a chic balance between function and aesthetics. Her talents lie in Investigating and defining the client's brand by embracing their culture and business persona and making that essence come alive in their space. Christine is Inspired by Mexican Interior Designer, Andres Gutierrez dramatic use of curvilinear forms, and subtle tones of pink champagne in his projects.

Christine’s background in hotel and hospitality design adds a touch of residential warmth blended with boutique hotel style to each of her projects. Christine’s adopted kitty cat Emma is a bright light in her life and reminds her to always have a curious spirit.

Irasema Mejia

“Call me Ira”
Known in the office as ‘the triple threat’, Ira combines Architecture, Interior design and environmental design in an intuitive and artistic fashion.

Ira is focused on creating well balanced and harmonious designs that are also sleek and modern. Each project’s locale, story, and environment are used to develop impactful and meaningful designs that clients rave about.

Her international style and portfolio of work add sophistication and cross-cultural appeal to her projects. Her accent will engage you, and her knowledge of south-of-the-border not spots inspire us to travel to sunny resort towns to sip margaritas.

Trish Rodriguez

“Superstar Intern”
Trish is a native of San Diego. She studies interior design at the Design Institute of San Diego and is thrilled to be doing her internship at San Diego Office Design (SDOD), where she gets to learn from design experts that love what they do.

Her role while interning at SDOD will assist with the design library, vendor communication, organization of materials and samples, and special projects as needed.

An interesting fact about Trish is that she is a Taylor Swift fan, admiring how this particular artist can share experiences that every girl/teen/woman has gone through in their lives by addressing it in her music. It's an evolution of learning, sharing, and growing through life experiences through a perspective lens. Trish hopes to design spaces people can experience pure happiness through her own experiences that create unforgettable memories the way Taylor engages with her fans.

Dineka [deen-ik-ah] Ringling

“Designing Dreams”
Dineka graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees in Advertising and International Relations.

Her background in radio advertising and Public Relations weave our world of images and design together with media & the millennial mindset. Dineka is passionate about her love of the outdoors and all living creatures, and can usually be found hiking and backpacking with her dog, Ada.

In her free time, she also enjoys reading classic literature like Brave New World or The Master and Margarita and scouting for the perfect crystal to add to her collection. To reach Dineka for press or media information email her at: marketing@SDOfficeDesign.com
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